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Consultants need love too!!!

It occurred to me that my last post may have been slightly offensive to those hardworking consultants out there…  I know quite a few that are very forthright, honest, diligent and ingenious.  Jennifer and Cindy come to mind.  And at least Ward stuck it out for a while.

My sincerest apologies to many consultants…  Not all, but many.  After all, they have to do a good job otherwise they probably won’t find the next customer willing to pay them.  A great many consultants, like my ex-brother-in-law, have a very unique skill that just needs a few hours of specifically focused work to get things in place.

But policy consultants???  Nope…  No love…  Maybe we could talk about it….and keep talking about it…  then argue about it….  Then walk out in a huff until you find someone in power gullible enough to listen to you.