The Bastard, Mishka…

It occurred to me that some out there (if you are really out there) may not be sure how to interpret the header picture adorning the top of my blog page.  In the foreground is our baby boy, Mishka.  He is a rescued German Shepard and Collie mix.  He is perched, as he often is, on the arm of the living room love seat.

That is my forearm in the background.  It is poised at the edge of my Compaq.

The image is basically intended to show you how boring my evenings are, and it is intended to exploit the cuteness of my boy Mishka….

“Mishka” is the Russian word for “baby bear”.  He does look virtually identical to the cuddly mascot, Mishka, of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.  About 99% of the time he acts like the cute, funny, sweet little kiddie toy that runs 35 mph and weighs 60 lbs.  The other 1% of the time he acts like an evil bastard.

Mishka has what is called “toy aggression”.  This comes from his mother giving him multiple toys on a weekly basis, at which time they are each completely destroyed and digested within approximately 30 minutes of distribution.  If you are to try to take the toy away before the plastic is swallowed, he will most likely growl and clamp down like a Craftsman vise with razor sharp teeth.

Natasha and I share a couple of scars from moderating toy and play.  After the offense he immediately becomes sheepish and contrite, but he is an evil bastard nonetheless.

While children love the baby bear and he smiles and lets them pet him, Natasha and I cringe at the thought of a bloody little kid stump being pulled back from his fangs.  No, it hasn’t happened, but he did make a mess of a duck at our neighborhood pond.

I exaggerate…. a little.  He has calmed down as he has moved closer to 3 years old.  We take him for long walks as the Dog Whisperer recommends.  I wrestle with him and chase him in circles.  But at the end of the day, he is most placid at the arm of the love seat.  And, coincidently, so am I.  I can think here.  I am not sure what Mishka is thinking, but I am pretty sure he does his best thinking on this spot as well.

If you have recommendations for Mishka’s upbringing, please share.



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