Blue Football Field

Hello folks,

This is my first post on an actual blog.  My past social media experience has essentially been limited to Facebook page musings and a little Fb group I started called “Wisdom from Strange Places”.  Those are both still going….  It seems my gift of gab is focused primarily on obscure quotes, rants about politics, music or movie obsessions, or the occasional triumph of the unlikely athletic underdog.

What’s Dave talking about???  Well tonight there was a strange phenomena….  On ABC they showed a college football game between Boise State and Oregon State.  What was so strange?  This evening Boise State was the favored juggernaut, bringing in a heady #3 ranking.  Poor Oregon State, labeled with a #24 ranking, was in the intimidating Bronco stadium with its vivid blue field.  Brent Musberger was dramatizing about the uphill climb the Beavers would have to overcome their halftime deficit.  Well, the Beavers did indeed lose this evening to the Boise State Broncos.  The underdog lost…  I think.  Yes, they did.  Boise State was the big blue bully.

So, what’s the point?  I have a headache…  Wasn’t Boise State the underdog just a few short years ago after nipping Oklahoma in a wild bowl game shootout?  And that royal blue football field just doesn’t make sense.  What are we supposed to think when the unique, forlorn, but colorful Cinderella is suddenly the established and favored Belle of the Ball?

It’s irritating!!!  When once in a lifetime victories become commonplace, doesn’t that require a reassessment of the paradigm?  Yes!  Obviously it does….  It’s change…  Change is difficult.  Ten years from now we may be seeing Boise State going for its third national championship.  Is that so bad?  No, not really.  No more so than voting for the first black president, or the first woman for that matter.  Or listening to Lady Gaga…  Or pretending that Rap is really music….

Change hurts because it requires learning.  Learning doesn’t have to hurt, but it can feel a bit repetitive and laborious if you put a lot of time and effort getting accustomed to the previous reality.  The trick is to approach it confidently because you figured it out pretty damn good last time…  Well, you survived it anyway…  So, don’t despair.  We will make it.

Just one request….  PLEASE, people of Boise, fix that blue football field!!!  That must be the source of my headache.  And that’s gotta be murder on the turf.



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